Monday, November 26, 2007

Detailed suggestions - Boys Hostel

These are some thought regarding the Men's hostels. Do let us know comments / possible suggestions, etc.

1. Atleast one functional fire extinguisher on each floor of each hostel

Details: Safety should not be compromised at any cost. There have been incidents of fire in the past. There could also be in violation of building laws.

2. Big, new dustbins on each floor of each hostel which are fixed to permanent structures

Many of the current dustbins are either too small, or broken. Furthermore, many floors have only a 1-2 dustbins as opposed to the required number of 4. Also, the new LLM hostel doesn't have any dustbin at all. Moreover, the dustbins should be placed within a ring fixed to the wall, so that the dustbins are not toppled over by the dogs and rendered useless. This would help in maintaining cleanliness. There would also be lesser chances of chances of dogs coming in the hostels.

3. Meshing of all the windows of all the rooms.

The present meshes are really old, broken and have holes in them. As a result, a lot many mosquitoes, insects and other small animals can enter. Also, a lot of dust accumulates in them which is impossible to remove. Possible solution: Cloth meshing fixed with velcro nailed on to the window frames

This would be a long -term investment as they last long and can be washed if necessary. Also, it would be cheaper than metallic meshes

4. Soap dispensers in every bathroom

This would be a useful amenity for students. However, apart from the one-time cost of installing dispensers, periodical costs of filling liquid soap in them, would be there.

5. Repairs/new water cooler in Himalaya hostel. Repair/replacement of aqua-guards in the other hostels.

The current cooler in Himalaya is in a pathetic condition. It is rusted, broken and insects and cockroaches easily enter it. As a result, residents of the hostel have to go to the Acad each time for cool water, or do without cool water, which is a big problem, especially in summers. A new cooler is required and would benefit students immensely.

The aqua-guard doesn’t remove the hardness in the water, which is present in Himalaya water supply since water of that hostel is directly sourced from a borewell. A reverse osmosis purifier is required for this. Furthermore, the present aqua-guard is meant for a family of 4/5. It is not suited for hostels and cannot process large amount of water. An industrial purifier is required. The health of students cannot be compromised on.

6. Shed and clothesline provision on terrace/outside new LLM hostel. No place to hang clothes currently.

The new LLM hostel has absolutely no place where students can hang wet clothes. The only place is inside of their rooms which is not only insufficient, but also causes lots of problems. Providing clotheslines would be a low-cost, one time investment.

7. Tiling and renovation of all bathrooms

Some of the bathrooms have been retiled. They remain cleaner than the old ones. There is a need for new mirrors, shower mixers and exhaust fans in all the bathrooms. This would be a long term investment.

8. Badminton net and neon lights in Ganga and Himalaya hostel

These two hostels have no sports facility at all. Furthermore, only one badminton court for 250 students is not sufficient at all.

9. Construction of bike shed near Ganga-Cauvery hostel.

There is vacant space between new LLM hostel and nearby wall. The area of the space is such that it can hardly be used for other purposes. However, it is enough to have a bike shed. There used to be a bike shed at the location of the new hostel, before it was demolished. Since many students have bikes, which get damaged due to rain, heat, etc. it would be a useful amenity to have a bike shed at this location.

10. Partitioning of ground floor of new LLM hostel into smaller divisions.

Smaller rooms can be used for a. Shifting of the GWC library from its current dingy location b. Full-fledged laundromat c. Common room for parents, relatives, other guests can sit when they come to visit

11. Earthing of electrical connections, especially in bathrooms and with respect to hot water (especially Cauvery hostel)

Many students suffer from electrical shocks while operating devices or using the hot water tap. This safety hazard should be rectified immediately.

12. Rainwater harvesting for all hostels

An environmentally friendly measure, this would also help in cutting costs of water consumption.

13. Checking for problems and necessary repairs so as to prevent tripping of electricity in Ganga hostel

There is a recurring problem of the electricity tripping in Ganga hostel, which causes lots of inconvenience to students, especially at night-time when the electrician cant be called to do the necessary repairs.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rest of the Campus Group - Suggestions (detailed)

Wall around Campus
The entire campus needs to be walled to protect the users of the campus from physical harm, eveteasing and invasion of privacy by outsiders. Also, the same will prevent dogs and other animals from coming into the campus.

Lighting on Campus
Presently, the lighting on campus (excluding buildings) consists of tubelights and halogen lights. The tubelights have repeatedly proven themselves to be unreliable since their casing is not waterproof. Hence, during the rains (and even otherwise), the tubelights burn out leaving large areas without any lighting. Thus, there is an urgent need to replace the tubelights with more reliable sources of lighting.

Halogen lamp posts are a traditional replacement for tubelight lamp posts and the former have a much better track record on campus. However, we can also examine the possibility of solar charged lamp posts which save electricity and are also more reliable since they are meant for outdoor usage.

Further, the electrical cabling needs to be examined by a professional as there have been complaints of sparking and lights blowing out.

Waste Disposal
Presently, the waste generated is collected and dumped at strategic points. The dumping grounds include the area between Faculty Quarters 1 and Himalaya Hostel, the area behind Vindhya WHOR, the area in front of the Mens Mess and the area behind the Vice-Chancellor's residence. These dumps are extremely unhygenic and attract dogs. Further, the garbage is periodically burnt at these spots and this poses a health hazard to nearby residents as the soot and smoke (especially of burnt plastic and rubber) are dangerous.

Also, the grass mowed and weeds removed are burnt right at the place of collection at various spots on campus. This polluting practice is aesthetically displeasing as it leaves burnt patches all over the campus.

The Estate Officer and the Registrar have been approached at various times in the last four years but there is no effective system of waste disposal in place. A system needs to be worked out with the BBMP wherein waste generated is collected by the BBMP at regular intervals.

After a proper system of waste disposal is in place, another system of waste segregation can be looked at to ensure that biodegradeable waste is can be composted to cater to the gardening requirements of the campus.

Large and clearly demarcated dustbins need to put up at various places on campus to minimize littering. More importantly, these dustbins need to be fixed in such a way that they cannot be overturned by dogs. The same has been conveyed to the authorities but no action has been taken regarding the same.

The sprinklers near Gate 0 and the one along the path from Training Centre to the Academic Block spray water on the path and often on people traversing the same. The sprinkler system needs to be rectified to ensure that this doesn't happen. Else, a system of watering the plants after 12.30 a.m. or before 8 a.m. needs to be put in place.

Tar Road
The tarred Road at various places in campus is gradually deteriorating and has worn completely completely in patches all over campus. The same needs to be repaired immediately.Else, the entire tarred road will soon disintegrate and a new tarred road will need to be laid to replace the old one. Repairing the existing tarred road in its present condition will prove to be a more cost effective preventive measure.

Electric Heaters for Guards
Presently, the guards at various Gates collect wood and other material and build a fire at night for warmth. Often, they have used rubber and other inappropriate material for the same. This practice is polluting and hence, a health hazard. Further, the ash is dumped near the Gates and this presents a extremely bad picture to visitors and residents alike. And more importantly, it is the duty to the University to provide a suitable working environment to its workers. Hence, it is suggested that electric heaters be provided to the guards.

Infoboards containing interesting snippets or historical info about Law School and various facilities on Campus may be placed at strategic places to provide visitors with an interesting and friendly experience. A detailed map of Law School near various Gates may be put up to guide visitors.

Further, signboards need to be placed at various places to point out facilities on campus. For instance, a signboard to the Gym and Health Centre must be placed near the Basketball court. Further, it would be nice if these signboards were like the green ones near Gate 1 which point out the various centers (and not like the small ones pointing to the Mens and Womens WHOR).

Canopies outside Canteen
It is suggested that canopies and chairs be placed in the area between the Canteen and the Faculty Quarters to enable members of the NLS family to sit outside the Canteen and eat their food outdoors. This will also address the problem of overcrowding in the Canteen to a certain extent.

Path to Gym and Health Centre
A proper path to the Gym and Health Centre needs to be marked out and laid.

NLSIU in Grass outside the Vice-Chancellors Office
The metal NLSIU lettering in grass needs to be maintained regularly or removed completely. It is highly deplorable that a symbolic representation of our University is in such a pathetic condition.

Visitors’ Room
Before construction work began near the WHOR, the room adjoining Gate 2 was a Visitors’ Room to cater to guests, especially those visiting women students. Presently, the room is used to house construction equipment. As soon as the construction is over, the same needs to be cleaned, painted and refurnished as a Visitors’ Room is an ideal for any visitors (especially male ones) who come to meet women residents of the WHOR.

A Visitor’s Room may also be envisaged at the Gate 3 for people visiting residents of Ganga, Cauvery and LL.M MHOR and at Gate 1 (for general visitors and people visiting residents of Himalaya MHOR).

Benches and Stools
Presently, there are no benches or any other seating arrangements outside the Library or the area around it. It is suggested that certain arrangements be made for the same for use by members of the NLS family and visitors to sit and relax. To avoid any controversies and “problems”, it is recommended that the University install single seater chairs/stools in a horseshoe formation to enable a group of people to sit together.

Pathway from Library to Gate 3
In its current state, the path is uneven and lower than ground level at several places. Further, there are several gaps between the stones. As a result, during rains, the path gets flooded and puddles of slush greatly hamper the use of the path by faculty, staff and students alike. Thus, the purpose of having a stone path is being entirely defeated.

The path is in need of immediate repairs and possibly requires relaying at a level higher than
ground level, cementing and the laying of bricks along its perimeter.

Rainwater streaming into Campus
During rains, the water from outside the campus flows in through Gate 2 and other places near Gate 3. This makes use of the road difficult. Further, stones and mud stream in through Gate 2 further adding to the troubles of WHOR residents. A drain needs to be put in place near Gates 2 and 3 to channel the water into the culvert or any other drain to prevent this occurrence.

Gate 0 - Aesthetics
While there is an understandable need to ensure that water from outside does not flow in, the concrete steps at Gate 0 are an eyesore. Their construction needs to be completed and the steps tiled or cemented. However, care must be taken to ensure that the tiling or cementing is not smooth and slippery. Textured exterior tiles will be preferable

Possible places for development of Garden
  • The area between Gate 0 and the Tennis Court needs to be developed
  • The area behind Training Centre needs to be cleaned and developed
  • The area in front of the Mens Mess and the Cauvery/Ganga Hostels needs to be cleaned and developed
  • The area along the pathway from the Culvert Bridge to Gate 3 needs to be cleaned and developed
  • The area in front of the library can eb developed into a garden for people to sit and chat in (Any ideas?)

Long Term Developments
  • Campus must be friendly to differently abled people (i.e. handicapped or disabled people, for the uninitiated).
  • Swimming Pool
  • Auditorium
  • Amphitheatre
  • NLS Guesthouse (Old MBL Block) - Can look for support and maybe even funds from Alumni

Any ideas ??
  • The parking lot for bikes near Himalaya Hostel - A weathered and dirty Asbestos Roof
  • Mosquito Problem – Kota Chandan has promised to find out details about some plants that effectively keep away mosquitoes. Mr. Narayanappa, Estate Officer has promised to get the campus fumigated on a regular basis. Any other suggestions on how to tackle the mosquito problem are most welcome.

Girls Hostel Group - Suggestions (detailed)

Women’s Halls of Residence

  1. Utilization of open spaces outside the hostels: The open space outside Nilgiris (between WHOR and the library) cannot be currently put to use since it is covered by weeds and shrubs, where snakes and scorpions have been seen to take refuge! First, the space must be cleared up (shrubs, weeds etc. to be removed). Second, it must be leveled. Third, a new lawn must be procured and planted. Lawns are available in more-expensive and less-expensive varieties. In either case, the investment in leveling and planting a new lawn is high. The maintenance of the lawn can be undertaken by the persons who currently maintain the other lawns in the WHOR. This should be undertaken as a matter of priority since the open space available for relaxing, studying or exercising has rapidly shrunk since the construction of new hostels began. The open space outside the Tiesta hostel must be better maintained- there is a necessity for the grass to be mowed and plants to be trimmed on weekly basis.

  1. Common Room: Currently, the Girls’ Common Room has only been provided with a few chairs and a TV. To increase the utility of this room, it should be equipped with a TT table and 2 carom boards. Curtains need to be put up and mats should be provided for the floor. Tables and chairs to enable students to study at night must also be provided- the investment involved in the same is negligible. Additionally, board games can also be made available for the enjoyment of the hostel residents.

  1. Gym: A new gym has been recently constructed exclusively for the benefit of women. It is of utmost importance that this gym be adequately equipped with the appropriate machines! There is a necessity for at least two treadmills. Investment in the same can be reduced if a manual treadmill (as opposed to an electronic one) is used. The gym should also be provided with exercise mats, a music system and other basic equipment suited to the requirements of women.

  1. Parking Shed: A small shed outside, or behind, Niligirs should be constructed to provide shelter to the increasing number of vehicles possessed by the residents of the WHOR. The investment lies in putting up an asbestos or aluminium sheet to protect the vehicles. While the university apparently has an anti-vehicle policy, the shed must be provided in recognition of the fact that students are nonetheless increasingly opting for their own vehicles to avoid the mayhem of Bangalore’s public transportation!

  1. Installation of Lights: The path from the Annexe Block to the Mess is dark and devoid of any lights. The path is frequently wet, making the trek to the Mess quite dangerous for Annexe Residents.

  1. Badminton Net in Hostel Quad: The Nilgiris Quad can be cleaned and a badminton net put up at minimum expense. It is already being used for playing badminton- the net will ensure make it more convenient to use it for this purpose.

  1. Coffee Machines: In the past, coffee machines were provided in the WHOR. Students could use the machine by inserting a five-rupee coin. However, the machines have been misused by students, attempting to force coins of smaller value in place of the required five-rupee coins. It is apparently on grounds of such misuse that the facility has now been discontinued. This situation too is highly uncomfortable since women residents are forced to venture out into Nagarbhavi just to get a cup of coffee. Moreover, there is a special necessity for coffee in the late nights and early mornings, during exams. Therefore a viable solution is to provide a manually operated coffee machine in the empty room next to the guards at Gate 2. This will ensure that the machine is not misused by students and will also make coffee available throughout the night!

  1. Provision for drying clothes: The Mess Block is in the worst position in this regard since its rooms do not overlook an open Quad. Hence there are no railings (ledges) where residents can dry their clothes. They are forced to dry them on the terrace, causing extreme inconvenience when it rains. A solution would be to provide a glass fibre roof, covering a portion of the terrace. This would ensure that sun rays reach the clothes without exposing them to rain. A similar provision can be made on the terraces of other blocks as well.

  1. Water Seepage Problem: Several rooms in the Niligiris, Annexe and Mess Blocks face the problem of water seepage. This makes the room damp and the walls dirty, posing a health problem to some residents. Needless to say, it also looks very unappealing! Although the reason cited by administrative authorities it the collection of water on the terrace due to infrequent cleaning, that does not seem to be the actual cause. For instance, the Annexe terrace is clean and there are no signs of water collecting. However, rooms on the ground floor are faced with water seepage. The real problem is probably faulty construction. What is the solution?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Academic Block Group - Detailed Report

The following are some aspects thought of that need to be remedied in the acad. Suggestions are also incorporated here for its long term improvement and general upkeep. As usual, comments, suggestions, queries, ideas are most welcome.

Soap Dispensers
The soap dispensers in most of the acad have to be refilled. This s something that would be required time and again, as and when the need arises, and accordingly, it would be fruitful if the superintendent of the guards be delegate to any of his subordinates the task of reporting their emptying, so that the staff can have it refilled.
Cost: None foreseeable: little extra headache for a security guard once a month.
Benefit: Clean Hands!

Dustbins in the Classrooms
The issue of dustbins in class is also one that needs to be adequately dealt with. The first and third year classrooms have dustbins outside in the hallway, but none inside. Perhaps some spare cartons may be used in this regard.
The emphasis also should be while acquiring dustbins in future to arrange those larger in make, as the present black metallic ones, while definitely aesthetically pleasing, fail to meet the college’s requirements, particularly during festival time. Larger, though perhaps sober coloured dustbins is certainly the best option.
Also, if the dog menace cannot be avoided, it should be considered to get fixed or suspended dustbins to prevent them from tipping over, and the wastes from spilling. They would cost more, and include installation charges, but would be essential as the present untidiness is highly unbecoming of a law school hallway.
Cost: None presently, mere replacement effort. But eventually, costs for procurement of dustbins.
Benefit: Cleaner hallways and classrooms.

Chairs in the Hallway
The lower floor could always more chairs. As the hallways are rather narrow, it could be placed outside the classrooms. The same would generally be handy for students to wait for during consultation, instead of crowding the hallways. The same can also be used for visitors, or for committee meetings in the acad block.
Cost: Costs of procuring chairs.
Benefit: Greater convenience for the student body.

Notice Boards
The new notice boards for the classrooms and the committees are definitely swankier, but are more difficult to put notices on. The suppliers should be asked to come and take a repair them, and if necessary replace them, as they clearly not good enough.
Also, while the old boards in the main hallway could perhaps be replaced to suit the general format, till that is done, they should certainly be repaired. Some are hanging precariously, and the edges are falling apart. They can perhaps be bound together.
Cost: None ideally, as the boards should be repaired free, or at some measly repair charge. In the long term, cost of replacement of boards.
Benefit: Uniformity in décor of acad hallway, more efficient putting up of notices.

Better system for Letters
The present system for letters involves wedging them on a board in the hallway. The same is highly inefficient, as the letters keep falling and are swept away, and there is nothing really to stop someone from pinching them.
Ideally, there should be a tab of all letters coming in, which can’t be too difficult to maintain, given the low numbers that come in. Perhaps, if not that, atleast they can be all stored in a pile with the guard (ideally where the earlier one used to sit next to the computer centre; he hasn’t been shifted anywhere, that post is just vacant; if not there, then with the guard at the gate), and just the names of people can be put up outside. They can cancel their name, sign and take their letters
Cost: None perceivable, except giving the security guards a little extra work.
Benefit: More organized, regulated and reliable system for receipt of letters

Bells ringing in the Canteen
Quite a few people get late and miss attendance as they can’t hear the bell ringing in the canteen. Given the small size of the acad block, it could be conceivable to consider an electronic buzzer form of bell, with two ports, one where the current bell is, and one near the canteen, to make sure that all people in the canteen can hear it. Alternatively, a conventional bell can be put someone near the current third year classroom, to be rung simultaneously with the one across the block. That should be audible in the canteen.
Cost: Costs of wiring, alternatively, of buying and suspending a new bell, as well as getting a guard to ring it concurrently.
Benefit: More aware students, lesser attendance misses!

Painting of Bathroom Walls
Paint bathroom walls to remove graffiti. The bathroom walls, particularly inside the stalls of the men’s bathroom, are covered with obscene graffiti, much of it mentioning student’s names. The same should be repainted. Admittedly, it is a recurring problem, but it is necessary at least to engage in this exercise before fests and the commencement of the new academic year, as then there are plenty of visitors, who are likely to form unfavourable impressions of the college. A general appeal should also be made to the student community to desist from such activities.
Cost: Cost of repainting.
Benefit: Cleaner toilets, better perception of discipline in college by outsiders, particularly parents, alumni and visiting colleges.

Permanent Floodlights in Quad
There must be floodlights in quad so that special occasions like WMD and EMD are made more exciting. The inadequate lighting at present is really a problem. It is more so when outside guests are invited. And importantly, quad football will be a lot more fun!
Cost: Procurement of two lights as well as the cost of wiring
Benefit: Better effect for events, better impression to visitors.

NLSIU Symbol
The NLSIU symbol opposite the director’s office is presently covered with grass. The same must be trimmed for it to be made visible. Also, instructions should be given for its proper maintenance, as it really is an emblem of the college.
Cost: Negligible
Benefit: Makes a better impression for visitors.

Faculty Boards
The boards of faculty should reflect their current designation in college. Also, replacements should be made as required, and absence of notice boards outside rooms should be remedied.
Cost: Negligible
Benefit: Provides better direction to all.

Gold Medal Board
The gold medal board is almost full and should be renovated, i.e., a new format should be considered given the number of names it is expected to hold. Even currently, it must be updated and the décor must be in harmony with the rest of the reception.
Cost: The cost of a new board, of renovation.
Benefit: Visitors will get a better idea of past achievers, better look.

General Committee Guideline
Committees that organize events should ensure that the acad is cleaned up after these events.
Cost: Minute extra effort for first year ‘volunteers’.
Benefit: The benefit of a clean acad is self-evident; is generally impressive for visitors and faculty.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Library Group - Suggestions (detailed)

Structural Safety of the Library
It is a matter of great concern that the Committee (comprising faculty) that was constituted in response to the queries regarding the structural safety of the library building (after the collapse of one wing of the library in the early months after its inauguration) has still not come out with its findings. This Committee should be given a deadline (or should be reconstituted) to come out with its findings. In the event that these findings are not made available to the students by the assigned date, the CDMC will take this issue to the parents and, if need be, to the media also. After all, the safety of the students, staff and visitors to the NLSIU should be of paramount importance.

The following are the ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the Narayan Rao Melgiri National Law Library, or ‘The Lib’:


Whenever it rains, the path to the library becomes a dangerous place to walk due to the slipperiness of the tiles. Many a student has slipped and fallen on this tiled path. These tiles are not outdoor tiles and hence are not at all suitable for outdoor conditions. In the long term, these tiles should be removed and replaced with outdoor/exterior use tiles. Until this replacement is made, a short term solution would be to place a row of large sized rubber mats (with big holes in them – as used at the entrances to the academic block, end to end along the length of the pathway). Drainage holes should also be made at regular intervals on both sides of the path, allowing rain water to drain off.
Costs: Large Rubber Mats (20), Removal and relaying work, Exterior/Outdoor tiles
Benefits: Safe entry into the library

Plug points
There is serious shortage of plug points in the library. All existing plug points have to be repaired and those under leaky parts of the roof have to be provided with a protective cap or covering to prevent them from getting spoilt again. In a few parts of the library extra points have to be made available. Further, the library should be equipped with at least a dozen multi-point devices/spike busters in order for the plug points to be used by three or four students at one point. These multi-points can be provided at places where there are tables for four and they can be fixed into position with a strip of double-sided tape.
The students also request that a power outlet be provided just outside the library door, since during holidays students often come and sit on the floor outside the inner door of the library in order to use the internet for some urgent work.
Costs: Multi-point extension boxes (10-12), Electrical work to repair and add new power outlets
Benefits: Tension free access to power for greater number of students

Cracked Metal Ladder, Shaky Rail

The top of the metal ladder going from the entrance floor to the top floor is cracked at the point where it reaches the top floor. This has to be repaired and reinforced immediately. It is extremely hazardous to have a cracked ladder.
The rail on the right side when going to the top floor from the entrance floor is shaky and hence could be unstable. This too needs immediate attention and repair.
Costs: Reinforcement or repair of ladder, Fixing of rail
Benefits: Structural safety

Water Cooler

At present there is only one water cooler and it is on the bottom floor. This makes it difficult for people on the top floor to get quick and easy access to drinking water. One way of tackling this problem is to shift the water cooler onto the entrance floor so that it is equally close to the top and bottom floors. The other solution is to have another cooler on the top floor. In fact there is already an alcove and an electrical point on the top floor where a cooler can be fitted in.
Currently, there is only one tumbler at the water cooler and that is layered from the inside with mineral deposits. It would be much more hygienic and presentable if there was a small shelf fitted under each water cooler and a few tumblers kept there for use, which are rinsed out once everyday to prevent the formation of deposits.
Costs: Procuring Water cooler, Set of Six new stainless steel tumblers
Benefits: Quick and Easy Access to water for students, faculty and visitors


It is essential that, in a place like the library, there are dustbins on each floor. Though, the women in charge of keeping the library spic and span do their job admirably, the students as well as the photocopy people require the use of a dustbin to throw bits of paper, or at times a sweet wrapper. Small, open-top dustbins (similar to the black ones used in the academic block) should be placed on each floor of the library, preferably close to the photocopy areas.
Costs: Small open-top dustbins (3)
Benefits: Cleanliness and convenience in the library

Book Holders

Some of the legal books are very bulky and thus make them unwieldy to read from. A few book holders/stands should be placed on the tables on each floor. These wooden pieces used to be a feature in the old library (in the academic block).
Costs: None (?) [Book stands – 10]
Benefits: Ease of reading thick books

In the Toilets
First, it is essential that toilets on all floors should be kept open at all times. Apart from the obvious convenience that this would ensure, it would also not be of any use to have a toilet but keep it locked and inaccessible. [The ground floor Gents Toilet is not always functional and is kept closed most of the time.]
Though, there are bulbs both in the toilet and the individual cubicles, all of them are not functional. The bulbs should be replaced or switches suitably repaired so that the toilets are accessible and convenient to use when it becomes dark.
It is very important that the toilets are provided with closed dustbins. The lack of dustbins in the toilets is, at present, extremely inconvenient for female students.
It would be more convenient, hygienic and presentable if, instead of bars of soap, soap dispensers or liquid soap bottles are provided in each toilet.
At present, the cleaning liquids and mops used by the helpers in the library are placed on the window sills in the toilets. This looks unsightly. A rack or a simple cabinet under the washbasin could be fitted to keep all the cleaning equipment. In addition to looking neat, this arrangement would also enhance the dignity of the job of the helpers.
Costs: Closed Dustbins (7), replacement of faulty bulbs (?), Soap Dispensers/Liquid Soap (7), wooden plank/ single door cabinet (2)
Benefits: Clean, neat and functional toilets which are convenient to use

Table for Photocopy Room
Currently, the books are often piled on the floor and during project submissions time there are stacks of books all over the floor. An extra table or two from any other part of the campus should be shifted into the photocopy room so that the books can be placed neatly on the tables.
Costs: None
Benefits: Convenience of students and photocopy people

Library Computer on Top Floor
Though there is a sign that says ‘OPAC/Research Database’ on one of the work stations on the top floor, and though earlier there used to be a library computer on this table, there is no longer a library computer on the top floor. A library computer should be placed in this area. Until there is a computer in this area, the sign should be removed.
Costs: Shift a computer/Get another Computer (?)
Benefits: Ease of Access to Research Databases

Sofa Sets
Especially when there are visitors to the library, having a simple sofa set like the one that was previously in the library would be a great value addition. It would give an air of comfort to the otherwise sparse décor of the library.
Costs: None (there used to be a sofa earlier)
Benefits: Value addition to the décor, great place to read newspapers

Along similar lines as the academic block, it would be appropriate to have at least three or four leading daily newspapers on a stand in the library. There is space for such stands on the bottom floor of the library. If the sofa sets are brought back then, the newspapers can instead be placed on a table near the sofa set.
Costs: Newspaper stands (2), Newspapers - Dailies (4)
Benefits: Newspapers are essential to a national law library

Artificial Plants
The existing artificial plants hanging below the metal ladder leading to the top floor are extremely ugly and take away from the grandeur of the library. These should be removed and possibly, replaced with more elegant and stylised flowers.
Costs: Pots of Artificial plants (2)
Benefits: Décor

Clock for the Tower
In the long term, it would be a matter of honour to the institution if the clock tower got the clock that was supposed to be adorning it. It would be an appropriate tribute to the library.
Computers in the Computer Lab
All the computers should attended to regularly so that they are always in good working condition. Microsoft Word and Adobe should be installed on all the computers since all the documents used by the students are either Word or Adobe files and hence it is necessary to have this software.

.............. we need views and suggestions on the following especially............
A few small stools should be provided on each floor in between the book shelves so that students can use them to access the books on all shelves and sit by the bookshelves to see what books are available.

Access to Terrace (Door near upstairs photocopy area)

Mosquito Problem

Monday, October 29, 2007

Men's hostel group

These are some thought regarding the Men's hostels. Do let us know comments / possible suggestions, etc.

  1. Atleast one functional fire extinguisher on each floor of each hostel
  2. Big, new dustbins on each floor of each hostel. Many of the current dustbins are either too small, or broken. Furthermore, many floors have only a 1-2 dustbins as opposed to the required number of 4. Also, the new LLM hostel doesn’t have any dustbin at all. Moreover, the dustbins should be placed within a ring fixed to the wall, so that the dustbins are not toppled over by the dogs and rendered useless.
  3. Meshing of all the windows of all the rooms. The present meshes are really old, broken and have holes in them. As a result, a lot many mosquitoes, insects and other small animals can enter. Also, a lot of dust accumulates in them which is impossible to remove. Possible solution: Cloth meshing fixed with velcro
  4. Soap dispensers in every bathroom
  5. Repairs/new water cooler in Himalaya hostel. Repair/replacement of aqua-guards in the other hostels.
  6. Shed and clothesline provision on terrace/outside new LLM hostel. No place to hang clothes currently.
  7. Tiling and renovation of all bathrooms
  8. New shower mixers, mirrors and exhaust fans in all bathrooms
  9. Badminton net and neon lights in Ganga hostel
  10. Construction of bike shed near Ganga-Cauvery hostel. Space between new LLM hostel and nearby wall is currently vacant.
  11. Partitioning of ground floor of new LLM hostel into smaller divisions. Smaller rooms can be used for: a. Shifting of GWC library b. Laundromat c. Common room for parents, relatives, other guests can sit when they come to visit
  12. 24 hours water supply
  13. Earthing of electrical connections, especially in bathrooms and with respect to hot water (especially Cuavery hostel)
  14. Rainwater harvesting for all hostels
  15. Checking for problems and necessary repairs so as to prevent tripping of electricity in Ganga hostel


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Girls' Hostel Group for Campus Report

These are some of the suggestions for the improvement of the WHOR:
1. Area outside Nilgiris- clear it up, grow grass, have benches.
2. Have a badminton court in the space outside Nilgiris.
3. Ensure better water supply in the Mess Block bathrooms.
4. Improve the Mess Block bathrooms.
5. Renovation of all bathrooms. Especially, showers with mixers in the older bathrooms that don't have them currently.
6. Remove dogs from the hostel.
7. Water-coolers on every floor that work! Monthly check-up of water-coolers.
8. Replace old/broken furniture in the rooms.
9. Lights on the terrace.
10. Closed dustbins so that dogs can't topple them over.
11. Lights installed in the pathway behind Nilgiris.

More suggestions (from girls and guys) are welcome! Please post your suggestions on the blog or contact any CDMC member with them.